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Hallways and Common Areas

Hallways are one of the last areas we think about when decorating which is unfortunate because we use them so frequently.  Turning a washed out hallway with dated colors into a beautiful space can be simple and can make a large impact on the overall look and feel of your building.  Just a guess, but the word you'd use to describe your hallway probably isn't one of these: glamorous, mysterious, dramatic, delicious, warm, intimate, or exciting.  But it could be.


A few suggestions to spruce up your hallways or lobby. 


* Divide your walls by adding some accent.  If your walls are currently blank consider adding chair rail or wainscoting to the wall to divide the wall into sections.  Now the lower part of the wall stands out not only with a different texture but also a second color can be introduced.  The walls of hallways benefit from wainscoting since they are more scuff resistant. 

* Adding baseboards not only makes the hallway look nice it also helps protect the walls from carts and luggage nicking the paint.

* Crown Molding adds richness and texture to a hallway and helps break up the space in long hallways.

* Avoid creating a lid in a narrow hallway.  The best ceiling color is a white base with a slight tone from the wall color.

* The use of vinyl corner guards to prevent damage in high traffic areas will protect your walls and paint and keep your hallways looking fresher.

Elite can handle your painting needs and our carpentry division can install base, crown, chair rail or wainscoting. Common area improvements can have a significant impact on the property values of individual units.


Does your existing hallway paint look streaked or uneven?  When Elite paints hallways,  our crews will use 18" roller covers on large surface areas.  Washable and ceramic paints have a higher resin content.  This causes flashing lines and uneven finish coatings once the paint cures.  The 18" roller is twice the size of standard rollers and allows for even finish coatings on long surfaces.


A special advantage of going with Elite Renovation Systems for your hallways is our "Stay Fresh Program".  Each spring a survey sheet will be sent out for the board to indicate areas that need to be touched up due to high traffic damage.  Elite will schedule a painter for the appropriate time to touch up those areas and keep your building looking freshly painted.  All of our hallway proposals will include an option for a "Stay Fresh Program".


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