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When choosing a professional painter to come work in your home you need to ask yourself a few questions.  

At Elite Renovation Systems we can proudly answer all of the questions with a big YES.  

1.  Are your employees full time employees?
2.  Are your employees fully insured with workman's compensation and liability?
3.  Do your employees pass background checks?
4.  Do your employees pass drug tests?
5.  Does your work come with a written warranty?

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Leave it to the Pro's  


When it comes to painting your interior, it is a job best left to the pros. There are so many different types of surf

aces and textured applications that can be used on walls that a drab and boring room can be turned into a conversation piece when done by the right person. It is also helpful to have a professional do your interior painting job so that you can get the best prep work and a long lasting paint job. Most professionals will be able to tell you how much paint will be needed and will have the right equipment so you won't have any "thin" spots, where there is less paint than on other areas of the walls. This brief interview will help us find a professional who can help you with your interior painting job.

There are two types of house paints and stains: water-based (latex) and solvent-based (oil or alkyd). Water-based paint is thinned with water. Solvent-based paint is thinned with turpentine, a prepared paint thinner, or a similar solvent.


Because solvent-based paints dry to a harder finish and adhere better to new wood, poorly prepared surfaces, and metal, they traditionally have been favored for interior trim, as well as bathroom and kitchen walls where durability is important. But because the solvents they contain emit noxious fumes, air quality standards have forced the development and use of a variety of water-based alternatives. Water-based paints are now preferred for interior walls, as they are less likely to crack and peel, dry faster, emit less offensive fumes and are much easier to clean up. 


Paint is sold with varying degrees of luster, from flat to gloss. As a rule, the glossier the paint's finish, the more durable and washable the paint. But flat paints do a much better job of hiding surface imperfections. That's why flat paints are usually used for walls and gloss or semigloss enamels highlight the trim.



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