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Seal virtually any surface and protect it against corrosion, weather and physical wear with Rust Grip®. Rust Grip® is a three-coats-in-one system that acts as a primer, intermediate, and topcoat with a single application.  

Rust Grip® goes on with a silver finish but the final product can be tinted to a variety of colors.    

Rust Grip® is a metallic-based, moisture-cure polyurethane encapsulating coating designed to coat and seal air, moisture, and minerals out of surfaces. Rust Grip® stands up to acids, salts and caustic materials with no loss of strength! For EPA VOC standards, Rust Grip® falls under the metallic pigmented coating category. Rust Grip® is 414 grams/liter VOC.   












Benefits of Rust Grip®:

·        Fast Working - Rust Grip® begins its cure cycle within an hour, penetrating and swelling to seal surface pores.

·        Versatile - Rust Grip® protects steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and lead-based paints. It is excellent for minimally prepared surfaces.

·        Class A Fire Coating - In case of fire, Rust Grip® will help to prevent spread of, and will not contribute to, the burn.

·        Strong and Lasting - Rust Grip® has a 10+ year lifespan on substrates under normal conditions and strengthens surfaces to 6780 psi (473 bar).

Some people will ask what's the difference between Rust Grip® and a rust converter?  Rust Grip® works by penetrating through and coating over the rust to protect it against further expansion. Rust converters work by chemically changing the rust into a benign form which only lasts for 3 months and must be overcoated.  


Rust Grip stands up to acids, salts, and caustic materials with no loss of strength.  According to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard Rust Prohibitors  products pass a salt and spray test at 3,000 hours while Rust Grip will last 18,000 hours.


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