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At Elite Renovation Systems we can paint your home using your customized color palette or add a faux finish to give your home a one of a kind look and feel. Faux painting originally referred to painting surfaces, including walls, furniture, floors, countertops and trim, to look like something else. Plaster columns were often painted to look like marble, new furniture was "antiqued," "distressed" or "crackled" to look old, and a wood grain was painted on new trim and molding to match existing doors. 

However, the term Faux painting now describes other decorative and special paint finishes as well as techniques that resemble wallpaper such as glazing, sponging, ragging, and freehand or masked stripes. One major advantage is that it's much easier and less expensive to redecorate with a new coat of paint than to remove wallpaper.


Glazing is a technique of mixing a water or oil-based paint with water or solvent and a special glazing compound, then applying and wiping it away in layers to create certain effects. Sponging and ragging refer to other methods used to apply paint.

Textured paints containing solid materials like silica can make walls look like suede. Products applied in layers to walls, fireplaces, ceilings and furniture can look and feel like real stone, crumbling masonry, peeling paint, fossils embedded in walls, etc.

New synthetic products developed to imitate old-fashioned colored or white plasters can be applied smooth or hand-troweled into different patterns and styles. Frescos can be created by applying art to canvas or directly on a wall, then layering with plaster. Some products and techniques can even be used outdoors. 

False impressions are probably the most popular form of specialty painting. Their basic premise is imitation: to make ordinary drywall appear as another material. It can make new walls look like historic antiques with a distressed wood grain or crackling plaster finish. If you want marble floors, ceilings, or walls, these experts can swirl any surface area in order to appear authentically marbleized. Or like baby shoes, you can literally gild your walls with gold or any other modern metal. You can even paint your walls to look like wallpaper with subtle stripes, streaks, or striations. It's cheaper, less messy, and easier to remove than the real thing.


Textures are another popular form of specialty painting. Instead of relying on customary colors and flat finishes, why not make your walls feel alive and three dimensional? There are several different types of glazes that can be applied over a base coat and then manipulated to create specialized patterns. You could even reproduce the feel of parchment paper, wood grains, or diluted color-washes.

Murals are another idea, instead of hanging works of art, why not turn your wall into a canvas. Frescoes, air brushing, and even graffiti have become very popular in modern homes, especially in children's rooms.

Trompe L'Oeil, is a technique that creates the illusion of objects. Often seen in Tuscan-style homes, experts can paint the appearance of elaborate structures, latticework, pillars, doorways, and even windows on a wall. A common practice in the theater, it not only makes a stylish statement, it also enlarges a room.

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