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Building Surface Issues?

Do you mange or live in a building that leaks every time there is driving rain and find that the block is wet for days after the rain?




Does your building's surface suffer from peeling paint, cracks, and have adhesion issues? 








Do you see rust stains from rebar on your concrete block walls?


If your property suffers from any or all of the above issues, Elite Renovation Systems can help you. Elite would like to introduce you to the performance benefits of Modac. Modac Acrylic Texture Coating is a high build concrete waterproofer.


Modac coatings have been used to protect concrete structures for over 50 years. Modac, the company's unique solvent acrylic coating, was formulated in the early 1960s to protect newly constructed concrete skyscrapers. Modac offers a much longer service life than standard coatings. The success of Modac paved the way for an emerging concrete coatings market here in the United States. As the use of concrete in new commercial construction has expanded and existing structures have aged, Modac products have continued to develop new high performance coating systems to meet the special needs of owners, architects and applicators.  Most recently, Sherwin-Williams purchased the company that manufactured Modac and now sells it as part of their line of high quality paint and sealing products.


When properly installed by experts in the field Modac can seal out water, while giving you better adhesion with less blistering, flaking and pealing.  This will give you better curb appeal year after year. Modac materials are made to withstand the harsh Chicago climate conditions.  It is a pigmented, breathable, VOC compliant, waterproofing solvent recommended for all types of concrete and masonry.  Modac has been tested against driving rain and wind speeds up to 100 mph while being resistant to acid rain.


The performance testing of Modac has far exceeded the standards set in the industry, which allows Elite Renovation Systems to provide a written warranty with conditions based on surface integrity and previous product applications.  A normal application of one coat of Modac will provide most customers with a 5 year warranty for labor and materials. A two coat Modac application can usually exceed 10 years.


Elite Renovation Systems has worked with Modac on many projects over the past few years and are confident in recommending this product to our customers. If you want a long term solution to leaks and unsightly appearance, call us today at 847.907.4571 to set up an appointment. Our professional staff will view your building and provide you with a detailed written proposal using Modac.

Overview of Moisture Damage Issues


Below is a detailed summary Elite Renovation Systems prepared for a community association.  An Engineer estimates we saved this association up to $2 million dollars in future undetected damages to their 27 buildings.



During a painting project for a community association, we noticed settling trim boards and excessively soft wood surrounding the windows.  This led to a deeper inspection of the cedar trim surrounding the windows and the freeze boards running approximately 10 ft. up from the ground horizontally for each building.  While meeting with the board in June of 2012, the board saw the issue on an uncovered window. We removed trim boards to inspect for potential causes of the leaks. We discovered the windows were not flashed properly causing water to infiltrate into the units.  


This caused an increased and prolonged presence of moisture behind the trim and siding. The prolonged presence of the moisture creates microscopic cavities in the untreated wood that promotes the growth of wood deteriorating fungi, commonly known as dry rot.


Elite Renovation Systems recommended an engineering consultation to determine the extent of the problem.  Extensive structural issues with doors, windows, and chimneys were confirmed on inspection walks with the board, the management company, and engineer.  The board agreed that if left un-resolved, extensive structural issues will worsen and repairs would extend into the millions.  Individual unit owners would also face responsibility for increasing damage to the interior of their units.  The board therefore determined that the project commenced immediately to limit costs of individual unit repair for each unit owner.  The management company requested bids and the board selected Elite Renovation Systems in December of 2012 to begin the project as soon as possible.


CAUSE: Several factors have led to the accelerated moisture issues.  1) Inadequate window flashing behind the trim.  2) Unprimed trim boards on home. 3) Tyvek tape to flash the seams instead of Flex Wrap or Protecto Tape. 4) Excessive seams in the Tyvek house wrap weather membrane. 5) Standard J-channel drip caps installed instead of the necessary custom Z-channel with the Protecto-tape wrapped against the adjoining backer board. 


Moisture WILL get behind siding.  It's not designed to be impervious.   A home needs to be designed as breathable but properly built to channel water away from the structure.  Without proper protection and adequate drainage, it stays trapped behind the siding and causes dry rot.


IMPLICATION: Dry rot is the term given to brown rot decay caused by certain fungi that deteriorate timber in buildings and other wooden construction seemingly without an apparent source of moisture. The decayed wood takes on a dark or browner crumbly appearance, with cubical like cracking or checking, that becomes brittle and can eventually crush the wood into powder. Chemically, Dry Rot is the pre-cursor to extensive mildew remediation.   An outbreak of dry rot within a building is an accelerating and serious infestation that will cause instability and eventual structural collapse.  Without action taken to eradicate the fungi and repair the structural damage it creates, the cost of repair increases exponentially like a snowball picking up speed going down hill. 


SOLUTION: Fortunately the management company and the board have spent countless hours determining the cause and extensively researching the cost/benefit analysis of repair solutions.  The following steps will be taken to prevent the re-occurrence of these issues.


1) Elite Renovation Systems will remove all window trim and band boards.  We will properly flash and flex wrap these surfaces prior to installation of new cedar trim. 2) We will inspect, catalogue, and provide photographic evidence of structural damage to the sub-surfaces.  3) Removal and repair of all rotted and moisture damaged structural work within 2 feet of all dry rot decay.  4) Install new plywood backer boards and prime all six sides of replaced trim. 5) Use vinyl 4" wrap on all window cases and plywood seams. 6) Install new Tyvek weather membrane. 7) Install new Z-channel drip cap with vinyl taped top edge under siding and against OSB backer.  8) Re-Install siding.  9) Install cedar to match existing. 10) Caulk all exposed joints and seams with a 25 year siliconized acrylic latex caulk.  11) Choose selected "hot spot" areas on the buildings facing north and provide an annual report for 5 years on any variations in the moisture content readings to show a 60 month track record of stability in the repairs.


   Dry Rot caused from excessive moisture build up 


Window Flange is supposed to be wrapped with 4"Asphalt based Protecto-Tape.  This is Tyvek tape and not meant to provide the barrier necessary to protect the wood.

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